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Dance Like A Champ - Dance Workshop - Hip-Hop New Style 2007

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Dance Like A Champ ( By ) - Dance Workshop in Germany - 27. Oktober 2007

Es gibt erfreuliche News für alle, die die letzten Workshops von Runique verpasst haben oder nach dem letzten impulsiven TanzWorkshop in Karlsruhe einfach noch viel mehr wollen! Runique kommt im Oktober aus Los Angeles nach Deutschland und bleibt für einige Wochen da. Am 27. Oktober gibt es dann einen intensiven Workshop in Karlsruhe. Es gibt wieder viel zu lernen und mitzunehmen.
Falls Du den letzten " Grab Your Dance Moves " Workshop verpasst hast, dann solltest Du dir diesen nicht entgehen lassen!

Samstag der 27. Oktober 2007

14.00 - 15.00 Hip-Hop New Style
15.15 - 16:30 Salsuno
16:45 - 17:45 House
18:00 - 19:00 Hip-Hop New Style

Anmeldung & Teilnahmegebühren:

30 € Anmeldung bis zum 30. September
35 € Anmeldung ab dem 1. Oktober - 26. Oktober
40 € Vor-Ort Anmeldung am 27. Oktober


Kaiserstrasse 94a
76133 Karlsruhe

Nebenbei ausm Wiki der Begriff Hip Hop Dance:
Hip Hop Dance
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie
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Hip hop dance

Breakdance, the first hip hop dance style, performed at MTV Street Festival, Thailand.

Hip hop dance refers to dance styles, mainly street dance styles, primarily danced to hip hop music, or that have evolved as a part of the hip hop culture.

The first and original dance associated with hip hop is breakdance, which appeared in New York City during the early 1960s and truly became a cornerstone of hip hop as a culture. In the 1990s, as hip hop music took new forms, new dance styles began appearing, most of them danced in an upright manner in contrast to breakdance with its many ground moves.

These later styles are sometimes referred to as new school or new style while the older styles, including breakdance and various funk styles that were incorporated into hip hop, are considered old school.

Old school

Old school hip hop dances refers to the hip hop styles that evolved in the 1970s and 1980s, and were primarily danced to funk and old school hip hop music. Breakdance appeared during this time and is said to be the first and original hip hop dance style, as it's considered a cornerstone of hip hop culture itself.

In the 1980s, many funk dance styles that originally evolved separately from hip hop, such as popping and locking, started to be incorporated with the hip hop culture as well, and could be seen combined with breakdance.

New school / new style

In the 1990s, as hip hop music evolved and grew further away from funk, it became slower, heavier and more aggressive. This modern hip hop music gave birth to new styles of hip hop dancing partly inspired by the old school styles, most of them focusing on upright dancing as opposed to breakdance which is better known for its floor-oriented movements.

Some more specific styles of new school hip hop are krumping, harlem shake, snap dance, clown walk, crip walk, Chicken Noodle Soup, grinding, Wu-Tang, hyphy and gangsta walking, soulja boy .

Classifying these newer hip hop styles as a unique dance style of its own has grown common with larger street dance competitions such as Juste Debout, which includes new style as a separate category for people to compete in.

Many of the newer styles of hip hop are a common sight in today's music videos on television channels such as BET and MTV.


I DO, The International Dance Organization holds many competitions every year. The most important of them are the European Street dance Championships (which were held in Espoo, Finland this year and which will be held in Graz, Austria in 2007) and the World Championships which are held in Bremen, Germany each year.

Hoopdreamz Enterprises also holds many dance competitions throughout the southern hemisphere. Groove, the Australian state level Urban Dance Championships, is held in most state-capital cities since 2001. As recently as 2004, the competition was expanded to a national level including dance crews from New Zealand. The national level competition is known as Battlegrounds.

Juste Debout is a large, international and annual street dance competition held in Paris, which includes hip hop new style as a competition category. Breakdance is not included to give more focus to the upright hip hop and street dance styles.

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